Uber launches in Amman, but…

File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign

If you’re a resident of Jordan you’d definitely notice that we have a problem in transportation in this country, and let me be more specific. We have a problem with Taxi’s. Yes we do, unless you have a car and never had to use a taxi before you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. And allow me to give an example, an american staying in Amman for studying. He’s always complaining about Taxi drivers because when they see an american or a person from any other nationality they refuse to turn on the counter and ask for extra money. Just because he’s an American. Also local residents of Amman and other cities are going through the same thing with taxi drivers. Adding to all the trouble taxi drivers tend to pick their passengers and pick their destinations as well which for me doesn’t make any sense what so ever. The main problem here is that there are no rules or regulations on taxi drivers and how they operate in the country. They’re almost free to do whatever they desire which is a major problem.

Yet, there are companies who didn’t give up. There’s Easy Taxi which has been operational for a while now. Using their application seems to be very easy. You just sign up, turn on location on your smart phone and in a finger tip there’s a yellow taxi coming to your way. Although they’re going through some trouble in operating but many people are speaking good about this application. And Taxi Drivers who use it are complaining about it because as they say it doesn’t add any extra prophet for them.

Now there’s even more competition, Just yesterday. 2nd of April 2015 Uber announced a “Soft Launching” in Amman. Yup, the service that has caused a lot of controversy in a lot of places around the world has launched in our city. And we’re the 300th city to have the service. However, i have a feeling that it won’t be very effective here. For a couple of reasons:

  • Uber won’t be able to apply it’s (Pick up within minutes) concept. Because the roads of Amman are witnessing traffic jams that are increasing since there’s more cars and roads are the same without any development.
  • There’s a big possibility that yellow taxi drivers will be object and protest if they feel threatened by the service. And we’ve all seen what happened in France and other major cities and what taxi drivers did there to object Uber.

Uber drivers protest against working conditions outside the company's office in Santa Monica


  • Uber only accepts payment through credit card. Which in my opinion seems as if they’re saying (If you don’t have a Credit Card you’re not worth using the service). However, to be fair. They did tell me in a TWEET that they’re allowing & providing online credit cards and to be honest i still don’t find this effective. Maybe if i was more financially comfortable i wouldn’t find it a problem but still, there has to be other ways of payment.

I hate to look at things the way i do right now, but we have to look at the reality in front of our own eyes, I really don’t know if Uber did a study on the need of the service here in Amman but if they did i hope they’re considering all the facts that are out there from of their own eyes. Some people who tried to service here in Amman seem to be happy about it. I hope all those things i talked about become from the past but i see that highly unlikely giving the current circumstances we’re in.

What do you guys think about Uber?, what do you think about what i discussed?. I would love to hear from you.

If you guys want more information about Uber launching in Amman check this blog post out:


Yazeed Abul Failat,  a well known presenter at Ro’ya TV was the first to use Uber’s service in Amman as featured on the blog on Uber’s blog

Words of a concerned resident of Amman





It’s been a while since i blogged, Facebook is taking me away from writing here. What is in this blog post was written as a post on Facebook but there was no interaction because i guess people just got sick and tired of discussing those issues. But i decided to write it down here as well, maybe. Just maybe my words will get the people to wake for a bit and start taking action.

My words are not discussing one issue only, it’s discussing several issues that probably concern every resident of this city.


There has to be a public demand from people to the Jordanian regime to start treating East Amman like the West of Amman. The rich are getting the best services, the best roads. They get parks and even better garbage disposals!, are we animals in the east?. We too deserve better treatment.

There will always be this wall between west and east Amman and there are two sides to blame for it, the regime and the people who are silent on this divide that is taking place and it’s getting wider and wider. This city has the ability to become one of the most beautiful cities in the middle east, and this doesn’t need much money. It can be achieved within the capabilities available.

Certain streets should be closed to traffic and turn into pedestrian only, yet we have streets like Wakalat turned into a public street after it was pedestrian only, we also have Rainbow Street which has been built to be pedestrian only yet traffic jams seem to have ruined it’s original plan.

The original builders of the city didn’t seem to have thought that in the future there will be more people and more cars…etc, streets are the same yet the number of cars increase each year, and in conclusion we will reach a point where no more cars will be able to be on the roads and we don’t have a proper transportation system to take off the load from the streets and ease traffic jams.

Governmental buildings are opening up on main roads which lead to traffic jams, people don’t stick to rules and park wherever they can find a spot either it’s legal or not. They just park and double park if they can. Supermarkets open up with no parking lots which lead people to park front of them on main roads instead of regulating them to build underground parking garages.

I could go on and on but i will stop here and let you people continue the rest, but one final thing. If we don’t demand all those things to be fixed Amman will turn into chaos. Think about it and let me know what you came up with. And don’t ask me why i wrote in English, i just did. And no i won’t translate.

Feel free to share this post if you agree with what’s written.

Thank you,
A VERY VERY concerned citizen of Amman



لنرتقي، ولا ما بدكم؟


ركبت هالسيارة أروح أشتري دخان من القهوة اللي في شارع السوق الرئيسي في طبرطبور. قلت في حالي خذلك لفة بالسوق وشوف كيف أجواء رمضان. المهم أشتريت هالدخان ولفيت ورجعت وبلشت الشارع الرئيسي من أولو وأنا بدخن سيجارة ومشغل أغنية رايقة لقيتها على الراديو بالصدفة. ماشي بسرعة خفيفة ورايقة وبطلع يمين وشمال. الله وكيلكم لا ارادياً لقيت حالي قاعد بعد أخطاء. وهاي الأخطاء بتتلخص بالتالي:

1. انتشار كثيف جداً للشباب على جنبات الطريق مع صف السيارات بطريقة استعراضية بتعيق حركة السير وبمجرد مروري بجانب أحد التجمعات شفت بنتين مارقين قدام الشباب والشباب بلشو يرمو كلام جداً سيئ ، البنتين بين عليهم الخوف وأنا شايف المنظر قدامي.
2. عدد شرطة المرور الموجودين بالمنطقة لا يتناسب مع العدد الهائل من السيارات والناس المتواجدين بالسوق. الناس عم بتصف ثانئي وثلاثي بدون أي اعتبارات لحركة السير في الشارع. ما شفت غير شرطي سير واحد واقف جمب دراجتو ما بعمل اشي على الدوار اللي بيجي بعد دوار الكشك.
3. حابب أعرف وأفهم. كيف المجمعات التجارية اللي طالعة جديد في الشارع الرئيسي في طبربور ماخذة تصريح بدون ما توفر مواقف سيارات تكفي الناس اللي رح تيجيها؟، مالها المواقف اللي تحت الأرض؟، بطلت تنفع هلأ ولا شو الوضع بالضبط؟
4. تقاطع “تايم مول” من أسوء التقاطعات اللي بشوفها في حياتي. تأكدو اني لو حطيت كاميرا وصورت فيديو للتقاطع وطريقة تصرف الناس عليه غير يصير بدكم تهاجرو من البلد بس من هذا السبب وتنسو الأسباب الثانية. الناس يا قاتل يا مقتول على التقاطع، مافي أي أستعداد لإنو حدا يمرق الثاني. ادارة السير حطو اشارة محاولة منهم انو ينظمو الأمور الناس اعترضت وشالوها.
5. التقاطع اللي بيجي أول ما تفوت على طبربور من الإشارات من أسوء التقاطعات وأكثرها خطورة، ودائماً بكون حاطط ايدي على قلبي لما أمرق فيه مع اني دائماً واثق من حالي بسواقتي. مافي داعي أشرح كيف الناس بتكون ماشية زي الصاروخ وفجأة بتلاقي واحد قدامك قاعد يلف ويرجع. وما بتتخيلو كمية الحوادث اللي بتصير على هذا التقاطع!، ووين المصيبة؟. في تجمعات شباب بسياراتهم عند التقاطع بالضبط وهذا بزيد الأمور سوء بشكل كبير. في سيارات ما بتقدر تلف وترجع بسبب السيارات اللي بتكون صافة على جنب.

لو بدي أقعد أعد اللي شفتو بس باللفة الصغيرة اللي طلعتها مش رح أخلص. لذلك أنا رح أقعد في غرفتي أسمع أغنية وأدخن سيجارة وأحاول أحلم انو أحنا صرنا عالم متحضرة وراقية ومنفهم ومنلاقي حلول للمشاكل بدل ما نقول ما النا دخل. حتقلي طيب أنا شو مستفيد من كلامك هذا كلو؟، حقلك انو أنا على الأقل بحكي وبقول اللي في بالي وبحاول أصحي الناس اللي حوالي للي بصير ولكل الأخطاء اللي بتصير. أنا على الأقل لما أشوف اشي غلط ما بسكت عنو. بحكيه، حتى لو بس كلام. بضل أرحم من السكوت الكامل.

متمني يجي يوم ألاقي فيه كل الشغلات هاي محلولة، لكن للأسف مع اني شخص متفائل بالأغلب بلاقي حالي واقعي مرات وبفقد الأمل بتطور هذا المجتمع. وفعلاً، الحق مش بس على الدولة، في جزء كبير على المجتمع. ومجتمعنا مفقود الأمل منو، على الأقل جزء كبير منو. لإنو في ناس بتطلع برا وبتشوف كيف الناس الثانية عايشين ولما يرجعو على بلدهم ببلشو يطورو من تصرفاتهم أكثر. ولكن للأسف هذا الشيء ما عم بصير بشكل كبير هون ولذلك اللي شايفينو هو واقعنا الأليم.

Trying out hellofood.jo


My father always has this sentence he uses when me and him discuss something related to the financial situation of this country, he says that “Food sells more than anything else”. And i can’t but agree with him on this. We hear of new restaurants opening up every now and then and in close periods of time which means that the business of food is successful in this country and I’m loving this, i mean who doesn’t love a good burger or pizza?. So hellofood which is already well known in several countries around the world is here in Jordan to get the whole process of ordering easier.

1604464_1448333528716476_1117713801_n There are many food ordering websites and i tried a couple of them but this one stands out for me because it just feels more organized, you feel that there’s an effort put into the website and into sorting things out to make the ordering task easier without the hassle of phone calls and the mistakes that could happen during a phone call. On the website all you gotta do is select your order and It’ll arrive within the time usually given by restaurants when ordering directly from them. And the cool thing actually is that they have an application for smartphones!, i mean this is awesome! and they’re on IOS & Android. I placed my order through my laptop but next time I’m going to try out the application and see how things are on it.

Another thing i really liked is the email they send which is well written, enjoyable and it’s just kind of fun to read. I’m not just saying this but i really did like what was said in it, in the email they list you the order and even the notes you add if any but i specifically liked what was said, it’s like they understand you which is what matters when it comes to those services because generally speaking customer service and satisfaction in Jordan isn’t implemented in it’s true values, companies which offer services specifically focused on people don’t pay much attention to their reactions of the service they offer. They have account on social networks but they’re all for show off.dwdwd

And i truly appreciate hellofood,jo for approaching me and asking me to try out their service since I’m a blogger “I don’t blog much i know” and active on social networks with lot’s of followers. And they have every right to take any steps they find benefiting to them to promote themselves and based on that i accepted their invitation and they even offered me to order anything from any restaurant of my choice witch was a very generous offer i must say. I truly thank them and i advise you people to try them out and I’m not just saying this because i got a free order. It’s the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god 😉

عندما تحدد الكلمات الصورة

يقولون أن الصورة تساوي ألف كلمة، هذا صحيح ولكن ليس بحالة الصور التي شأشاركها معكم. كما تعلمون فأنا مصور شارع، أجول شوارع العاصمة الأردنية عمّان كلما أتيحت لي الفرصة. عيوني تبحث في الشوارع التي أمشي بها عن لحظات عفوية يمر بها الناس في هذا الشارع، رجل طاعن في السن يشتري الخضرة. امرأة تمشي وممسكة بيد أولادها الذين يلبسون نفس الملابس، رجل يقف بطريقة غريبة مرتدياً ملابس غير متناسقة، هكذا لحظات. هذه اللحظات تلقطها عيوني مباشرة فيتجه أصبعي على الكاميرا لكي ألتقط الصورة، أجد نفسي واقفاً أمام الشخض الذي أريد ألتقاط صورته بكل جرأة. أحياناً أهم بالتقاط الصورة بدون أن أستأذن لأن الوقت لا يسمح وأريد ألتقاط ثانية معينة وأحياناً أطلب الإذن فأقابل بالموافقة أو بالرفض

الصور التي سأشرككم بها قررت أن أفعلها بطريقة مختلفة، وهذه الطريقة تأتي عبر وضع كلمات يخيل لي أن أصحاب الصورة قالوها، هي ليست بالضرورة كلمات فعلاً تلفظو بها ويمكن أن أكون مخطأ ولكني حكمت بناء على مظهر الأشخاص، وهذا يأتي كوني أملك عدسة تصور من بعيد فأحياناً لا أحتاج أن أقترب من الشخص المراد تصويره ولكني بالعادة أفضل الأقتراب وذلك على حسب الموقف واذا كانت الأوضاع في وقتها تسمح، ألقو نظرة على الصور وأحكمو بأنفسكم ما اذا كانت الكلمات أسفلها تطابق أم لا

IMG_2232 copy IMG_2450 copy IMG_2480 copy IMG_2489 copy IMG_2739 copy IMG_2740 copy IMG_2760 copy IMG_3776 copy

The Throwback Technique

So there’s this thing i have been doing lately, i was thinking of what to name this blog post then i the title just flashed in my head. “The Throw Back Technique”, i’ve been reading the world “Throwback” all over Instagram lately. It’s also widely used on Facebook, people usually post a picture taken of them or a picture they took by themselves “A selfie mostly” and they post to their profiles associated with the Hashtag #Throwback.


This might sound weird but i was actually thinking of something to write about here on the blog until within seconds i thought of this whole thing. The thing i’ve been doing is that as you all might know i go out on the streets of Amman a lot and i take tons of pictures. I usually start working on editing them right when i get back home. I pick the best ones and leave the rest in a folder, i publish the picture i worked on my Facebook page “Street Photographer Ali Alhasani” or if the pictures are for “Humans of Amman” i upload them there.

Anyways, let’s say after a month I’m bored and online. I find myself going through the original pictures again and editing them, i discover a lot of amazing photographs then that i didn’t pay attention to in the first time when i go through them after coming back from the shoot. When i realized how awesome it was i start doing this on purpose and sometimes not. I just got used to going through the pictures i take daily and i enjoy this habit a lot.

The result of today’s throwback was awesome, i edited two pictures in a whole new way. I was listening to some awesome music and smoking a cigarette. It was only me, the pictures and music. I was high. Not on drugs. Don’t get wrong. I was high on my Photography. I had this sense of pride and Ego at that time. I discovered the two photographs and went right into editing them and after finishing i looked at the end result and i was astonished and pleased. I had this big cocky smile on my face, like i have finished eating a delicious meal or perhaps it felt like getting a smile back from a wonderful girl.

Here are the Photographs, from now on I’m calling this process i go through “The Throwback Technique”:

IMG_5504 copy

IMG_5526 copy