Words betray me when i want to speak about what’s happening now inside prisons of occupied Palestine, there is a fight for dignity and freedom happening inside there right now. Every single time i think about what’s happening in there i feel ashamed of myself. I feel small and not important, it started with Hanaa Shalabi and then Khader Adnan, now it’s with more then 1500 prisoners. They’re all involved in an open hunger strike until they gain their freedom and dignity. It’s a win win fight for those prisoners, either they die with dignity or they earn their demands.

Some of them are jailed without any charged against them which is what they’re fighting against. It that ugly way of the occupation in fighting Palestinians. It’s the ugly Administrative detention. Hanaa Shalabi and Khader Adnan fought it before and they won and earned there freedom. Now it’s the turn of all those prisoners on hunger strike.

They have a list a demands which can be easily met if Israel wants


Those demands as viewed in the picture above in Arabic are:

1. The right to have an Education.

2. An end to the policy of Solitary confinement.

3. Stop forbidding visits or limiting them.

4. To allow books & holy books and clothes.

5. The improvement of Medical treatment for patients and injured.

6. End of Administrative detention “Arrests without reason”.

7. Unblock tv channels that were stopped.

8. End the policy of raids and searches that are provocative.

9. End the policy of handcuffing the detainees during visits.

10. Stop group punishment and to all the prisoners to buy food.

Those 10 demands are a right for the prisoners and they won’t stop their hunger strike until they earn them, either they get and win or they’ll die with dignity and still win. As i said it’s a win win battle. So ladies and gentlemen we have an obligation here, if we are truly with the Palestinian cause. If we support those hunger strikers we gotta SPEAK UP and do everyone in our power. We have do to raise our voices high in support and with the politicians sleeping on it as usual we got no option but to do this ourselves.

All over the world there are protests, vigils and human chains and a lot other ideas. There are even hunger strikers in solidarity here in Jordan. But we need to do more people, we have to move and move faster because the hunger strikers aren’t going to last like this for long. They’re in danger.



8 thoughts on “SPEAK UP FOR #PalHunger

  1. Statement issued by the Central leading committee of the strike
    Statement No. (7)

    We have no more than two options: to have all of our demands taken care of or to testify … ô free Palestinians, ô masses of our Oumah (Nation), ô free people of the world, our human struggle has reached its ultimate phase, which has endangered dramatically our lives and makes us more and more close to testify which is our most glorious and honorable choice.

    This stage is painted by the incrimination of our most human demands by the Prison management service and by forcing us to accept partial solutions as an attempt to contain this human and just struggle, we point out to the following:

    First : We’ve swore not to back down without having our demands taken care of, and we -by Allah- are ready to truly testify for the sake of our dignity, and we have readied ourselves for two and only two options, whether victory for our humanity and dignity, and we have readied ourselves for two and only two options, whether victory for our humanity and dignity or testimony without it.

    Secondly : We reassure our complete commitment to our cause by the emptiness of our stomachs whatever the cost. the least of our demands are the immediate stopping of the suffering in the isolation cells, the allowing of visits in prisons between family members and relatives in both Gaza and West Bank and finally the returning to the pre-2000 prison conditions.

    Thirdly : We highly appreciate the positive acts of our ‘Big Sister’ in Egypt in its role of compelling “Israel” into accepting the ‘fulfillment of the Free’ deal, and we are confident that Egypt, the leader in the Arab Spring will never let us down in this battle by ourselves. but we assure you that we will never stop our strike until our demands are fulfilled and immediately applied. we are strongly confident in our great Nation, Especially in Egypt.

    Finally we reaffirm our complete readiness to testify. we are not doing this with pleasure, but death is easier to swallow than dishonor, and for that we’ve swore to choose between living with dignity or dying.



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